Business Travel Planning

Every business, small or large, uses transport; whether it is employees getting to and from work, or moving products around the country. We can help you develop a Travel Plan to identify your impacts and ways to minimise them.

Travel planning has multiple benefits; as well as helping the environment it could save you and your employees money as well as making you all fitter!

Once you have your travel plan, we can offer a range of services to help with its implementation, including lunchtime or after work cycle training for your staff.

Our “Start Cycling” cycle loan scheme is a 4 week challenge to help employees develop a cycling habit. We will lend them a quality, fully reconditioned bike, if they undertake to cycle to work at least 50% of the time for 4 weeks.

We also offer fully reconditioned cycles for sale and will come to your workplace for a “Try and Buy” session, were we will set up your cycle for you to take home there and then. Locks, lights and safety equipment can also be purchased. And to keep you on the road we offer a Mobile Cycle Repair Service, available at your home workplace.

Our Zero Emission Courier Service is a reliable and environmentally friendly way to solve your local distribution needs.