School Travel Planning

We can assist schools to develop their travel plans, as well as provide activities to support their introduction and development.

Our assemblies, lessons and activities teach children the importance of cutting car use and walking or cycling to school. They are designed by teachers and are linked into the curriculum at KS1, 2 and 3, so they can stand alone of be part of an existing programme of learning. They can be included as awareness raising measures in your travel plans or reviews.

The Travel and Climate Change Workshop is aimed at raising awareness among staff and parents. It looks at how the school run contributes to climate change and helps participants identify practical changes they can make to their journey.

We also offer a consultation service to schools. Through any combination of face to face surveys, focus groups and workshops, we will engage with parents and staff about travel issues they have, identifying blackspots and generating suggestions and action plans to make improvements.

We are happy to work with individual schools or groups of schools, via the local Authority.